Seating/Standing Capacity – Click To View Pictures

Seating and Standing Capacity

The lovely Space 88 can accomodate:

– 20 people sitting as we have 15 chairs and 2 sofas that sit 5 people.

– 40 people standing.

– 8-9 people comfortably laying down on yoga mats. However if people are just sitting on yoga mats or on the floor for meditations you could fit 20-25 on the floor.

Natural Lighting – Click To View Pictures

Natural Lighting

Space 88 is glass roofed. It allows for as much natural light as possible. You can open up the blinds on the roof for views of the sky and clouds or have them closed for privacy and intimacy. On a sunny that, the energy of the sun can uplift any event!

Please have a browse at some of the pictures.

Yoga and Meditation Space – Click To View Pictures

Yoga and Meditation Space

Space 88 has the square footage of 373ft2. You can have about 40 people standing, 20 people sitting and about 8 people laying down on yoga mats, more if sitting for meditations.

We provide 12 yoga mats for your convenience. There is also a HDTV with HDMI connections if you need anything for a presentation.

Please feel free to browse the pictures below to see how you can set up the yoga mats for your meditations and classes.

Kitchenette Facilities – Click To View Pictures


The kitchenette has:

  • Two fridges
  • Cutlery: Plastic spoons & fork. Plates and cups and some silverware.
  • Microwave
  • Sink
  • Cleaning liquids and material

Please have a browse at the pictures below of the kitchenette.